Monday, October 13, 2014

We've Lived in Georgia (again!) for almost 4 months . . .

My last post was moving from Jenkintown (Philly), Pennsylvania - to Georgia . . . 
aaaaaand that was almost four months ago.
I'll do what I'm famous for - in scrapbooking, journal writing and, apparently, blogging:

Not only do we live by my parents now (YAY for grandparents!!!)
but, we've also loved re-connecting with old friends!

We've been exploring new places - like the Abernathy Greenway

Visiting old favorites - like biking (and apparently hanging?)  on Columns Drive

Experiencing the fun of playing in the big Southern afternoon rainstorms

Eating old favorite yummies: Brewster's Banana Splits!!!

Breaking arms and teeth (and getting stung by a bee, poor Luke!)

Grant learned to WALK - First steps July 9!

Lola ("grandma" in Tagalog) taught the boys how to sew!
They made sleeping bags and pillows for their favorite stuffed animal.

4 BIG days with TONS of friends, old and new, at Lake Allatoona!

New family fun: Frisbee Golf!

Finding out baby #4 is a G-I-R-L!!!!! Wahoo!

Labor Day at a new destination, Callaway Gardens!
(and Jake bought a car that day - VW Jetta!)

Luke's first day in Cub Scouts

Soccer Season!
Miles playing defense!

Luke loves being goalie (and scored TWICE in his game tonight! Yeah!)

Helping Papa with projects around the house!

And a day with friends a Sope Creek . . . 
Yes, there's a REALLY good reason my baby is totally naked in the sand . . . I promise.

The "End!"