Monday, October 13, 2014

We've Lived in Georgia (again!) for almost 4 months . . .

My last post was moving from Jenkintown (Philly), Pennsylvania - to Georgia . . . 
aaaaaand that was almost four months ago.
I'll do what I'm famous for - in scrapbooking, journal writing and, apparently, blogging:

Not only do we live by my parents now (YAY for grandparents!!!)
but, we've also loved re-connecting with old friends!

We've been exploring new places - like the Abernathy Greenway

Visiting old favorites - like biking (and apparently hanging?)  on Columns Drive

Experiencing the fun of playing in the big Southern afternoon rainstorms

Eating old favorite yummies: Brewster's Banana Splits!!!

Breaking arms and teeth (and getting stung by a bee, poor Luke!)

Grant learned to WALK - First steps July 9!

Lola ("grandma" in Tagalog) taught the boys how to sew!
They made sleeping bags and pillows for their favorite stuffed animal.

4 BIG days with TONS of friends, old and new, at Lake Allatoona!

New family fun: Frisbee Golf!

Finding out baby #4 is a G-I-R-L!!!!! Wahoo!

Labor Day at a new destination, Callaway Gardens!
(and Jake bought a car that day - VW Jetta!)

Luke's first day in Cub Scouts

Soccer Season!
Miles playing defense!

Luke loves being goalie (and scored TWICE in his game tonight! Yeah!)

Helping Papa with projects around the house!

And a day with friends a Sope Creek . . . 
Yes, there's a REALLY good reason my baby is totally naked in the sand . . . I promise.

The "End!" 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The "not - so - perfect" moving day . . .

I had said from the beginning that this was going to be our best move yet! Having moved to 5 different houses/apartments in our 4 1/2 years in Philly, we consider ourselves (annoyed) experts! The whole family was excited and everyone was in on getting ready for the big move.  The boys had been shuffled around to various friends houses all week as we prepared for the moving day - trying to get in the last play date with that family before we left for Georgia!

Boxes had been purchased, many had been filled and some still needed to be filled. Our friends, The Paynes, let us stay at their house for two days before we left.  During dinner the night before we were finally going to get on the road, I said, "I'm just waiting for something bad to happen."  Sure enough, Kami had been bitten by a nasty spider two days before - and it had progressively gotten worse! Although she had been in Urgent Care the night before, she had been given instructions if the swelling, redness and pain got worse - she was to go directly to the ER....well, she was awakened by the pain every hour of the night from the pain and the swelling had spread in the morning, to the ER we went. On moving day!

(This photo was actually taken 2 days after the IV and oral meds - this looks GOOD comparatively!)

After a few hours at the ER, where Kami received a full round of IV antibiotics to kill the Celulitis (the diagnosis from the bite), we were back at the packing.

FINALLY, with many other smaller things that seemed to keep standing in our way, after the sun was past the horizon, we rolled out of good old Jenkintown, PA!

As we drove out, we said goodbye to many of the places we have come to love.  The two older boys were in the truck with me, and it was all I could to do to hold back the tears!  I could tell all three of us were feeling the same way.

We had to stop at our local pharmacy to pick up some oral antibiotics for the wifey!  That is when the laughter started, I would say to the boys "loading zone" and they would respond with "you know you can't park here!"  It is a quote from a Curious George cartoon that we have on DVD and it was making us all laugh. It was a nice change from the sadness we all felt about leaving such a wonderful place.

I'm grateful for our friends, The Kimballs, that encouraged us to choose Jenkintown as our borough. It's an amazing small town, in a great big city.

Our family really grew stronger during our time in Philadelphia! We learned so much through the many trials and innumerable awesome experiences we had there!  Although we didn't love the city at first, over time we discovered many, MANY things to love about that history-filled, foodie-friendly, nature-trail-filled City of Brotherly Love!

We were able to spend a couple of days in Washington D.C. at the Spigarelli's home before the final leg to Georgia. Although Kami had to keep her leg elevated as much as possible, we still had a great time making more memories with family. We will really miss living so close to them and are so grateful for their support in Kami's recovery!

Now that we are down in the South - and trying to get ourselves settled - we have learned that this "perfect move" we had hoped for, has not been so perfect. Aside from out set-backs in leaving, we have been unable to find MANY things so far. Bummer.  Today Kami said to me, "Remember how you thought this was going to be our best move ever??? Welllllll....not quite, eh?!"

Regardless of the chaos, we made it! Whew!
Georgia is on OUR mind!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Day Celebration

Last Day Celebration

Friday the 13th was a crazy day on several levels.  It was Luke's last day at school.  The last day of 2nd grade and the last day he will ever go to Jenkintown Elementary School.  This is pretty sad for us all - Kami cried a little dropping him off. We are so grateful for his amazing school and teachers and this AWESOME community!
Below is a very handsome photo of him on his last day.

Once Luke was out the door and Kami was home, I headed to my last day at Comcast.  I captured pictures along the way in an effort to remember my commute to work.  Below is a shot of Jenkintown Train station. This is where I catch the train to go into the city.

If I get to the train station early, I walk behind the station to the little bridge over a small creek.  It is either this view or standing with a whole bunch of other people next to the train tracks.  I almost always chose this view.

I was a bit late, so I was surprised to see another one of the regular commuters on my train.  I snapped this photo of him playing a game on his ipad. 

I don't usually stop at the Market East station, but on my last day I wanted to grab a delicious apple fritter from the Amish donut shop at Reading Terminal (Beiler's).  So I got off at Market East.  Below is a photo from the 2nd floor of the train station looking down at the platform, if you look at the wall you will see that it is a mosaic of the famous Fairmont park in Philadelphia.

When I get off at Market East, I have a few blocks to walk as I enjoy my delicious apple fritter.  This shot shows you what Philly looks like in the morning.  The clouds are covering the top of the Comcast Center which is the tall silver building in the middle of the picture.

Currently, this next photo is my favorite.  I snapped it from a different angle then the typical shot at Love Park.  Most people take it from the other direction so you can read the Love.  In the left of the picture is city hall.  

What you will experience next is the small alley way that I go down to walk to the Comcast Center from Love Park.

I won't be needing an elevator where I'm headed next so I captured the view of this shiny door, buttons and screen.

Here is the "command center."  All my friends call it the command center due to how high I have the monitors and how tall my seat is positioned.  

I was able to grab lunch with one of my role models at Comcast.  We went to this park that is a hidden gem in Philly and is a special spot for me.  Now, it is even more special for it being the spot of my last lunch working in Philly.  It was wonderful to spend that Lunch with such a great role model and hero of mine.

I walked over to Reading terminal to catch up with the family. The Elems came to visit and wanted to visit some hot spots in Philly before we moved. They ate at the Terminal (Hershel's Reubens, Beiler's donuts, Lancaster county 100% juice and Millers Twist pretzels, to be exact!)
Then they went to Old City and caught a tour of Congress Hall 
(where George Washington passed on the presidency to John Adams).

The day ended with a full moon (a "Honey moon!") and a great date with my wife, 4 friends, Lindsey & Reid at the Mann center. A Willie Nelson & Allison Krauss concert! The highlight of the evening was dancing in the grass with Kami and the Elems under the full moon - as Willie sang "Georgia" while looking at the Philly skyline. A memorable moment for sure. 

I will never look at Friday the 13th the same again.